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Environmental Policy

  • In the manufacture of all of our products, the highest possible proportion of recyclable material is used, be this plastics or metals.
  • Our designs concentrate on the robustness and quality thus promoting the reuse of a product rather than fit and discard.
  • Wherever possible we make the maximum use of recycled polymers in the manufacture of our products, thereby helping to reduce the unnecessary use of both energy and non-renewable resources in the production of additional virgin plastics. We also only use thermoforming materials which are recyclable.
  • All polymer coatings for our products are quality controlled during the coating process and certified. The specification of the polymer coating follows extensive field testing to ensure durability and hence the maximum potential reuse of the product.
  • Our designs ensure that any subterranean component of a product is completely bio degradable or removable from the ground surface, without disturbing the planting area.
Arbortech products are made in the UK
Strimmer Guard Tree watering Root Drencher Tree Shield Root Anchor
Arbortech designs are IPO registered

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